Mini White Dendritic Opal DT (HD)
Mini White Dendritic Opal DT (HD)
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Mini White Dendritic Opal DT (HD)

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Dendritic Opal is an extremely balancing stone dealing majorly with spiritual growth. It will help you tap into the frequencies of the New Earth and 5D energies. Known as a Shaman Stone, it allows the carrier to explore the deeper universal energies to carry that back into the normalcy of life. This crystal will ask you what you want in life, integrating the light and dark. It will form a path to get you to your highest possible path. 

Dendrite is a term used to describe the plant-like tree inclusions found in some Opals. Much like a tree's growth, with its branches reaching toward the sky, the same will happen with your spirituality and ascension when harnessing the power of the Dendritic Opal. This beautiful milky white to beige, and even sometimes pastel purples, has dark black moss-like growths due to the presence of manganese oxides or silicates.

Dendritic Opal can aid in past life integration making it one of the most popular crystals among souls on intense spiritual journeys. It balances yin and yang energies, integrating the divine feminine and divine masculine. Some call this crystal "Moss Opal" or "Merlinite" as well.

• Increases Connection with Higher Self
• Aligns Physical & Spiritual Energies
• Enhances Shadow Work
• Aids in Deep Meditation
• Opens Third Eye & Increases Intuition
• Aids in Past Life Integration
• Aids in Emotional Balance
• Aids in Awakening the Spirit Within

Zodiac: All Signs 
Element: Earth - Fire - Air - Water 
Planet: Sun

Important Information:
These crystal stones are natural so there may be small natural inclusions, cracks, or surface scratches. Discounts are already included for any major chips in the pricing. Due to the natural nature of this order, there are no refunds, exchanges, or cancellations. All sales are final. If there are any issues with your item please feel free to reach out to me via email or my Instagram @koraandky. Thank you ^_^

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